Pimp My Broadband ~ Pretty Please?


The picture

The emotion from the cat face symbolize the frustration that users get when disconnection, traffics lag and connection problem occur in other words we literally scream at our computer because of the poor connection from our ISP (Internet Service Provider). As I quoted above “Life is too short for the wrong broadband provider” so choose wisely and know who is providing a better service.

I think Digi will be able to provide better speed and stability than other ISP in our beloved country – Malaysia.

What I think

As a heavy internet user and form 5 student that is going to sit for SPM this year I always come against bad broadband connection from my current provider as in this case it’s the infamous ISP in Malaysia “Streamyx” A.K.A “Screamyx”. Just last week my whole broadband connection have been shaken to its core with plenty of disconnection, traffics lags and it’s hard to even to open to a freaking simple webpage. It’s not my first time to encounter problems from them and will not be the last.

These kind of problems have been around for ages but the technical team do nothing to solve their problems or even upgrade their machines to let their customer enjoy for what they paid for — a simple broadband connection.

I use the internet as a medium for me to do my homework, research on projects and subjects. What really add fuel to the fire is the slowness of these provider that make me lost plenty of valuable time to wait for a webpage to load or downloading a trial exam SPM paper to do. I really can’t take no more of this crap in my life but I believe Digi can change this and provide me for what I needed most ~ Speed! ~.

I always feel jealous and envy when I heard other country like Japan, Germany, USA, France, UK have lighting speed connection while I’m here having a lousy 1 MB connection and what worst is it won’t even connect at times. I just can’t believe that our so call great ISP provider can be ripping their customer off.

Do give me a Thumbs up :D Thanks!

Do give me a Thumbs up 😀 Thanks!

P.S.: I’m having problem to even publish this post.

For those who want to enter this contest just go to http://pimpmybroadband.com.my/ to participate and win laptops and free 3 months subscription to Digi Broadband.


Server is Screwed but I’m Still Alive


The server where my blog is hosted had been hacked by an unknown hacker last few days ago and have wipe out all the hard drives. So, I can’t really tell if I can recover all my files or not because I don’t have the backup on my hard drive in my computer. This is a known risk for me as I’m hosting on a server free for me to host without any known charge from my friend.

Do I feel sad or maybe a bit down? Clearly NO! In fact I don’t. I learn how to control my emotion when I was a growing teen and to be honest it’s a total waste of time to think about it or even cry for it. Doesn’t it? Sometimes I wonder if I’m really a real flesh human being or not since i can totally feel no emotion at times or maybe I can control my every thought and able me to think logically… who knows? As a wiseman once said to me “It’s no use crying over split milk”.

I’ll try to see what I can do to recover my blog if all else fail I will rebuild a new empire on a trusted host and pay for it. I might have lost my blog which started off as a small  project of mine to learn about blogging, sharing interests, internet marketing, how everything operate in the blogosphere and so on I learn so much from the people who hang around my blog and I learn to read statistics to produce even greater traffics. If everything went according to plan I will start a new my blog again around next year 2010 with a new domain name and fully loaded content blog while I’m in college.

Can’t touch too much the internet this year (2009) T_ T poor me because the SPM examination is coming closer and closer by the day with just 2 months to spare until arrival. I have cut down a lot of my online time to study and do revision that’s why you can’t see me post much on my blog and around the blogosphere but sometimes I make exception.