Server is Screwed but I’m Still Alive


The server where my blog is hosted had been hacked by an unknown hacker last few days ago and have wipe out all the hard drives. So, I can’t really tell if I can recover all my files or not because I don’t have the backup on my hard drive in my computer. This is a known risk for me as I’m hosting on a server free for me to host without any known charge from my friend.

Do I feel sad or maybe a bit down? Clearly NO! In fact I don’t. I learn how to control my emotion when I was a growing teen and to be honest it’s a total waste of time to think about it or even cry for it. Doesn’t it? Sometimes I wonder if I’m really a real flesh human being or not since i can totally feel no emotion at times or maybe I can control my every thought and able me to think logically… who knows? As a wiseman once said to me “It’s no use crying over split milk”.

I’ll try to see what I can do to recover my blog if all else fail I will rebuild a new empire on a trusted host and pay for it. I might have lost my blog which started off as a small  project of mine to learn about blogging, sharing interests, internet marketing, how everything operate in the blogosphere and so on I learn so much from the people who hang around my blog and I learn to read statistics to produce even greater traffics. If everything went according to plan I will start a new my blog again around next year 2010 with a new domain name and fully loaded content blog while I’m in college.

Can’t touch too much the internet this year (2009) T_ T poor me because the SPM examination is coming closer and closer by the day with just 2 months to spare until arrival. I have cut down a lot of my online time to study and do revision that’s why you can’t see me post much on my blog and around the blogosphere but sometimes I make exception.

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