Streamyx It’s Laughable as Usual


I bet you have seen the recent advertisement about the new service of P1 Wimax in Malaysia with their famous tag line “Sudah Potong?” with its bombardment of ads Streamyx also is not losing out as it have jump aboard the bandwagon of promoting their own services too. I’m not joking as the frequency of Streamyx ads have been popping out everywhere.

Despite the promotion effort to trick more wandering soul that are confuse which provider to choose from. Streamyx don’t quite understand that their service.. umm.. how should I put it? “It’s outrageously pathetic!“. Sorry if anyone are offended by this notion although it’s inflammatory.


As a user of Streamyx I have constantly suffer lags and slowness with the current package I’m using which is a 1MB of connection. After the division of 8 I should theoretically get my download speed of 125 kbps of download speeds but this clearly is not the case for me as it can “range” from 20 to 110 kbps only. The latency can get as high as 999 sometimes as a result slowness occurred.


This is a recent test I run since my speed have yet gone to a new low. The connection from Streamyx is like a having moon swing very once a month and is no different from a growing young teenage girl. Well, this is just a rant from me that I needed to write on to release the grudge I’m holding.


Assassin’s Creed II – Lineage


Ubisoft are using short movies with the highest standard to hype up the market before the game releases next month I guess they are using the same tactic from Halo: ODST where they also had a release of a short movie depicting a scene of the overall process of being an ODST.

[It’s best if you load in HD & in full screen viewing]

Movie summary

When the Duke of Milan is brutally murdered, the Assassin Giovanni Auditore is dispatched to investigate. The answers he uncovers implicate Italy’s most powerful families reaching all the way back to the Vatican itself. As Giovanni draws closer to the truth, he becomes hunted himself. He must expose the conspirators before he joins their ever growing list of victims.

The 15 minutes of the shorts are very well edited from blending real life scene and with CG together to deliver a punch straight up to the fans. I must say the presentation of how everything happen from his father to him will be interesting for the shorts to come as they are releasing another until the game releases.


Number 1 Amv

Nothing beats a good Amv to start your day. I think I will be making a Top 10 AMV list for it around this month but for now enjoy one of my pick which entitle “Number 1” by Kyssifur from NameLess Studios.

Anime: Zero no Tsukaima & Myself ; Yourself

Song: Tinchy Stryder feat. N-Dubz Number 1

My rating: EPIC

Download: Here

Since I have my youtube and facebook account link together whenever I favorite a video on youtube it will be posted up in my facebook wall and it will be broadcast to all my friends. So, if you want to know what Amv is hot just add me in facebook.

Top 10 Realistic Artworks

Realistic artworks are hard to come by these days because there are just a handful of skill artists out there will likely to produce this line of style. This kind of art give us a sense of realness of a character depict in our everyday life as compare to the anime counterpart. Realistic art might be nice but I still like Chibi characters better as they are super cute with their boggling head and small body.


Top 10 Reasons Why People Want to Live in Japan


Japan, the land of the rising sun have been attracting a lots of foreigners to live and work there as a happy expat since the 60’s even myself wanted to migrate there when I grow up but why? What’s the real reason? What are the driving force behind it? Below will be a simple top 10 reasons why people choose to live and work there in short explanation.


This is no joke as it have been constructed on a park in Japan

1] Modern cities equipped with the latest tech

It is no secret that Japan have the latest technological advancement in the world from your cellphone to the futuristic android that are now becoming a reality. Thanks to their innovation the Japanese have constantly re-inventing how we live our everyday life.


2] High income

The average salary men & teacher are able to earn up to 250,000 Japanese Yen per month and if you are working in the IT ( Information & Technology ) sector you might be able to earn twice or triple the amount mention just now.

If you want to know the conversion rate please use this site ( ) to get the latest rates.


3] Good medical insurance scheme

Japan have a good national insurance scheme which is govern by the government that consider everyone including foreigner (must be employed) benefit from an insurance coverage. It can do you good as you will only need to pay 30% of your medical fees but of course you will need to pay a flat rate each month.

You want her don’t you?


4] Cultural and traditional events

There are tons of cultural & traditional events all year round the whole country with special festival celebrated in different prefectures. Popular celebration such as the Obon festival are well receive by the Japanese and can be a great fun.

+ more information


5] Lots of public holiday

The are always public holidays in almost every month.

+ more information


6] Healthy foods

The Picture above is call an Oppai Purin which is eaten as dessert but I’m sure the real one will taste better than this. The different diet of the Japanese definitely make them much more healthier compare to the American diet who only produce overly obese people.


7] Good hospitality and services

You won’t find any bad temper waiter or waitress for that matter here in Japan as they threat their customer with utmost respect. They will always try their best to service you even though they have no idea what you want.


8] Wonderful nightlife

They are plenty of different bars you can visit, karaokes to sing your heart out and if you are into the adult theme then there are tons of service to cater you and your fantasies.


9]Never-ending opportunities for interesting experiences

You can find a lots of interesting things to do and sight-see without the word “bored” ever come up to your mind. A must visit place that you must venture is Harajuku on Sunday as teen wears their eccentric fashion to tell everyone that this is their style.


10] Safe cities

This might be a shock to some but the fact is Japan have the lowest crime rate per capital so it’s pretty safe compare to other countries.