Giant Squid Appear in Downtown


No, there is no giant squid terrorizing anyone or in any places. I just wanted to say that I just joined Squidoo and it’s a great place to share interests with other on the net.

What Squidoo really do is they provide the platform for the writer or as they call it lensemaster and you can create webpage (lens)  then you can start to write whatever you like to your heart content. It’s basically a ready made webpage with easy settings, top ranked search, tons of traffics and the best part is you can earn money by writing what you like as the profit will be 50-50 or you can donate it to charity if you want.

The guy behind the brainchild of Squidoo is the famously known marketer Seth Godin who is one of my favorite as he is the best in the game. He also had appear in TED to give talks on the current culture of the internet.

With that kind of offer I consider it a Win-Win-Win solution as they can earn and we as writer using their site also earn a profit from it. What not to like about their service? I have started to create my very first lens which entitle ” Top 11 Must Watch Anime This Fall of 2009 ” have all the must watch anime this fall of 2009. Check out the list as they are personally picked by myself.

Sign Up now to Squidoo!

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