The SPM Rush Begins!


S.P.M ( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia )

It’s the hellish examination that I’m going to sit for this year and it’s not just me that are rushing to prepare for it but others as well. One more month of of intense preparation will get me from D to an A’s in the SPM that I’m willing to sacrifice for it as this will be my last stand for the SPM exam and my secondary high school. After this I’m totally free to study whatever subjects I please 😀 Yeah!

Thanks to the recently development a lots of blog have been popping out like mushroom providing past year SPM paper, trial exam questions paper, notes, even some programs that are specially prepare for a certain state can be obtain easily.

To be honest I don’t really like studying for my grade and I think we as Asian are too exam oriented instead of free learning by interest and the curiosity to learn. But then again I need to do last minute preparation to get me A’s in all my subjects. I’m sure a lots of student are doing the same thing right now revising and preparing as the official examination date is on 18 November 2009.

Almost forgot about the site I visited to download require materials for me to do revision, study and last minute preparation.


2] Bank Soalan SPM

3] Bank Soalan SPM (another one but with same name)


Best of luck to your SPM

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