Streamyx It’s Laughable as Usual


I bet you have seen the recent advertisement about the new service of P1 Wimax in Malaysia with their famous tag line “Sudah Potong?” with its bombardment of ads Streamyx also is not losing out as it have jump aboard the bandwagon of promoting their own services too. I’m not joking as the frequency of Streamyx ads have been popping out everywhere.

Despite the promotion effort to trick more wandering soul that are confuse which provider to choose from. Streamyx don’t quite understand that their service.. umm.. how should I put it? “It’s outrageously pathetic!“. Sorry if anyone are offended by this notion although it’s inflammatory.


As a user of Streamyx I have constantly suffer lags and slowness with the current package I’m using which is a 1MB of connection. After the division of 8 I should theoretically get my download speed of 125 kbps of download speeds but this clearly is not the case for me as it can “range” from 20 to 110 kbps only. The latency can get as high as 999 sometimes as a result slowness occurred.


This is a recent test I run since my speed have yet gone to a new low. The connection from Streamyx is like a having moon swing very once a month and is no different from a growing young teenage girl. Well, this is just a rant from me that I needed to write on to release the grudge I’m holding.

8 thoughts on “Streamyx It’s Laughable as Usual

  1. rayneholde is currently a happy P1 subscriber since august 2009, and to show you people just how happy he is now compared to when he still had to coup with the crappy garbage known as snailmyx here’s an image proof of how delicious his connection were this morning.

    package : P1 HOME PLUS 1.2mbps [ MYR 99 ] with 20gb fair usage quota.

    the above test was done while i were d/l-ing a 20-30mb-something index dojin and the latest episode of nogizaka purezza [ 50+mb .mp4 convert from cyber12 through megaupload, took me approx 6-10 minutes with speeds varying between 80-130kbps ].

    also, weird enough i ‘ve used up my 20gb fair usage quota since oct 25, and despite having my connection speed halved down to 600mbps as stated in the policy / terms / agreement-whatever i still get to enjoy my usual top speed as evident from the image above.

    the only downside of P1 based on my experience so far is the random signal loss [ which occurs like, 2-3 times per month ], obviously that is to be expected since P1’s technology relies on radiowaves compared to snailmyx’s wired / fixed line.

  2. Thanks rayneholde for sharing your view with me 😀 I see that you have done your homework regarding P1 Wimax. Most of the time I test my friend how does it work they will just answer me with stupid answer obviously not the right one.

    The speed is so promising and is it reliable for most the time?

  3. you’re welcome :3

    from what i’ve seen and read on the net so far, P1 speed varies greatly from area to area; there are places in which the speed can be pretty amazing like mine [ since sg. petani had just received its P1 coverage last august ] while there’s also places where the speed can be just as worst as snailmyx. my only guess is that once there’s a sizable P1 subscribers within your area that will certainly affect the overall speed and performance for that very location, unless you went and prod the P1 techies to upgrade the base station’s radio card so that it would accommodate more users within your area.

    also, the farther your home is from the base station / tower the slower your speed will get so it is best to do a complete check on the coverage status within your area before you are to subscribe to any of its packages.

    “The speed is so promising and is it reliable for most the time?”

    yeap, but there will be days when there’ll be like 2-3 hours of slow connectivity [ due to random signal loss ] but still that doesn’t happen very often in my case, and when it does i would usually reboot the modem and if i’m lucky i’d recover my signal very soon later.

    one thing i really enjoy when it comes to P1 is that my MU / RS downloads has yet to fail me unlike when i’m still subscribed to snailmyx; in comparison, snailmyx is most likely to fail all 10 download attempts from MU by stopping halfway through the d/l, forcing you to either wait for an hour more in order to start anew or restart your modem / router so to obtain new IP-whatever while on P1, you’ll get a successful 9 out of 10 😀

  4. Nice write up!~ I would like to change my service but at the end of the day I’m not the one paying for it. I’m still a student T_T but it’s gonna end soon and I will become a college student. Woohoo!~~ Then, maybe I can say bye bye to snail mail and move on.

    Too bad I can’t any 30MB to 50MB connection here in Malaysia for residential uses. 2020? I don’t think so my dear Malaysia. I think before that year arrive I’ll be in Japan.

    • For Wimax to work for you it really depends on the location of where you live. If your location got more subscribers they will start to implement and install a brand new receiver.

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