Kimi ni Todoke Anyone?



Kimi no Todoke is one of those anime that are hard to come by these days. I have no idea why I keep wanting to know more and more about how the story will develop into maybe it just grab me on my neck. To cure my ecstatic crave I actually read all its manga volumes in one blow which normally I would not do but to my amazement I’m still not done for but I want it even more now. From what I know even 2ch rate it number 4 out of 10 titles competing for this fall of anime.




Ah.. it make you believe that there are still innocent love like this.. so pure

Long story short this is the story of a girl who have no friends and she was nickname “Sawako” by her classmates because of her weird demeanor. Slowly she started to make friends thanks to her idol Kazehaya who talk to her.



The characters development was superb as each volume they start to realize something and grow. The drawing for the manga was beautiful and cute especially for those awkward moment for Sawako where you can find a rather chibi version of her.



I like the OP very much as it make me relax listening to it. The official release date will be this 25th of November so pre-order is up in PlayAsia.


If you want to know more: ANN
Spoil yourself: WIKI

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