Major Otaku Convention in Malaysia Look Dim

afa[Image from I’m lazy to get a shot]

It look like fun to be feature on the main page of an event site like the recent event that are taking place in Singapore is the AFA 09 [Anime Festival Asia] this month. It’s sad to see major anime events are hosted outside of my country where I’m currently reside. Yea~ you can see small to a medium anime event here but that’s just it and I would not guaranty the quality of event as I have experienced some myself that I felt rip off after leaving.

I guess Malaysia have far too many laws and restrictions that needs to be obey by the organizers so they just simply skip my country. Jumping countries would be a wise and reasonable choice to choose from a sea of nation. If any event organizers do set up event in Malaysia then it will be certainly less exciting and I can assure that. The law here are very different as it is rule by Muslim who practice Islam teaching within the system but run under the cloak of the name of Democracy. I’m not discriminating anyone here but only say what I see and know.

It would be hard to sell any eroge related products such as eroge game, dakimakura, doujinshi, artbook and so forth. Be reminded that these products contain sex scenes, half nude, upper part, pose, you know the drill.


The Otaku community have been growing in recent years thanks to the moe boom that started it all. With the latest moe blob “K-On” it have recruited even more otaku than before. It’s no mistake that it’s growing each and everyday but do not have a reasonable convention to support/cater the otaku community.It would be convenient that event such as AFA be located near somewhere I live  and not taking a 5 hours ride just to attend an event in Singapore. Not to say that I hate traveling but it’s too time consuming.

Any hope for the future? Not so as it look dim to me from the current perspective. I can’t even see if our objectives of the Nation will be achieve in the year 2020, 2040 or whatever catchy number they deem right. If you do have some doubts about Malaysia do care to take a look in this site to find out more. if you are a Malaysian I’m sure you will start laughing after reading or in between of the whole article because you understand it.

Naturally , when we laugh at something we know that special “something” that’s why it is funny but they are still people who are blinded and take it another way.

4 thoughts on “Major Otaku Convention in Malaysia Look Dim

  1. I don’t think so as the price is fix unless there is a promotion but it would be rare because the nendoroid is just 3500 Japanese Yen which convert to Ringgit it will be around RM 130 + only.

  2. It would be consider between the”ok” line of some but for other who can’t own it would become a problem. Advice to you is to save up or get a part time job to fuel your hobby and interest instead of whining over it.

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