Top 10 Breathtaking Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo is sure one of most spectacular places to live your life and have a blast doing it along the way. Although the city can expensive to live but overall it is worth the price and risk to live and work there. Most of the latest in technological advancement are from Japan with it’s eccentric cultures and fun loving people.

Below are 10 breathtaking Tokyo Skyline I found on the web and wanted to share it but I’m still finding good one to improve on this post. Anyone have an amazing picture of Tokyo?

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Breathtaking Tokyo Skyline

  1. I love skylines. Especially those night scenes. But it’s too cliche.

    By the way, I love the 2nd skyline. 😀

  2. Thanks alot asshole. I almost suffocated because of all of those “breathtaking views.”

    Number 7 is the best. Mt Fuji is a majestic beast, and also is home to a giant axe-headed monster, as we learned from the non-fiction series, Dextor’s Laboratory.

  3. @ Kairu: I love night scenes of skylines also but can’t seem to find anything close to “amazing” photos 😀

    @ glothelegend: haha.. your comment amuse me. Never really watched Dexter before since I change to anime.

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