The Passing Days of SPM

A few month back when I was quite anxious about the arrival of SPM and I vowed to exclude myself from internet activities sadly due to my activeness on the web I did not do so as I have stated.

As a matter of fact It pushes me to do double time the work from what I can achieve in a week. I guess with desires to pass SPM ( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ) and my usual routine to surf the web combine emotion have finally taken over me to strive for success. Maybe this is what they call a purpose? I’m still a mess with what I really want to be. I am as they says ” lost in the sea of thoughts “.

Well, I have 5 more subjects to test until I’m totally free from my SPM and in the mean time I’m doing some profile research on my idol “Danny Choo” along with Japanese subcultures related market research. It is weird for me to undergo these project when I’m having my final? Because SPM should be more important. On contrary, the standard of SPM is so low that I can easily pass it while I still see other having chill down their spill when they heard the 3 big letter S.P.M.

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