Whiny Reaction Of Student After Exam

Ever get the “OMG! That exam is so hard!” or “I’m gonna flunk big time” even “I shoot every questions in this paper. . . I’m very sure they will score” which is getting a little boring nowadays when student tend to make whiny and pompous statement after an examination to a group of students. It’s truly a sight of awe that so many even try to practice it when I don’t get it why the heck do they do it?

Is these students trying to get pity from other peers? Trying to boost oneself? Craving for attention? I don’t know but it does seem like it. What for making these statement to the public when not asked to do so, no one really care about you nor your whiny statements unless you have something of value to provide. Frankly, I don’t even bother with these individual I’ll just smile or a simple “oh” then walk away.

It’s a common yet axiomatic sight in Malaysia among students but I do wonder if any other countries also fall in the same suit. Overall, I’m quite happy currently because I have one more subject to go until the ending days of SPM.

4 thoughts on “Whiny Reaction Of Student After Exam

    • Nah.. I don’t think so. Even you whine about it you will just use up energy on something that is not necessary and will not provide you any gain.

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