Mukyaa! Nodame is Back in 3rd Season

Our fun loving & cheerful Nodame is back with more of her crazy antics in the third installment that will begin airing at 14 of January next month. I have been waiting and still waiting for this because in season 1 and season 2 of Nodame Cantabile it always have the magic to make me want to watch the next episode I even go the extra length to complex its Tv drama. The combination of light romance, musics, and comedy really make it worth while.
More at it’s site!

4 thoughts on “Mukyaa! Nodame is Back in 3rd Season

      • That’s alright, I just thought it was a bit odd. Wouldn’t want people expecting me to have exclusive news about the new Nodame, otherwise people might get angry.

        We wouldn’t want another episode rivaling what happened when I stated my views on twincest yaoi as an actual twin, but I think the issue is fixable.

        • Ya, that would be a big trouble for you if the reader get nothing in return for clicking it.

          Interesting. Some people just can’t to separate from an opinion and an understanding.

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