The End Have Just Begun

I’m truly happy about the ends of my secondary public examination nickname S.P.M. who put fear to any secondary school students that will be doing the exam but to me the standard have hit a new low where candidates will only need to answer simple questions within the papers and have become incomparable with other countries. Not to say that is bad but it’s atrocious at least to my standard.

I’m not here to make a vilify about my country however if the standard is lowered, more students will be able to score As, this would appear as if Malaysians are getting smarter every year, credits to the government for this ingenious plan. In my search to find out more about higher learning institution in other side of the world they would not simply accept our SPM result slip as a ticket for you to study over in the US nor Europe side for reason that is too obvious. To be save our S.T.P.M. is well recognize worldwide as it’s equal to a Pre-U.

Somehow I feel ecstatic and excited about the life ahead that will be a thrilling ride for me. For my dreams to be in motion I will need to make plans and take calculated risk to advance forward just like one of my idol did — Danny Choo who realize what he really wants in life and pursuit to make it happen as he progress he become one of the most famous among the otaku networks, tech & internet companies worldwide.

I believe choosing the path that is less taken always lead to greatness as it help to constantly develop and improving yourself. Most people like to choose the common path which every regular joe like as they always like to preach when asked “It’s a solid metal bowl that will not be broken”. I personally don’t know about that because from my point of view ” life = risk ” if you don’t try you won’t know and life will be just the same as any other days.

Some says entering adulthood will strip all your freedom away that you enjoy while your a teenager. For me I don’t see a problem here as we grow our mental & physical will also follow suit to develop and fend for ourself rather than just leeching off your parents. Somehow, I felt embarrassed to even ask for money to eat.

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