Mio Akiyama Is Still On Hold

I have been waiting for my nendoroid of Mio Akiyama in about a month and over now but still no news heard from the shop where I ordered my figure from. When I first phone them early last month they said to me that it have not arrived since the release date is November it should be flying over by then and told me it will be arriving at the end of that month.

So, again I called but to my dismay Mio is still unavailable. However, just yesterday I was accompany with a few friends of mine to have a job meet up in where I ordered her in one of my nearby shopping complex “Mid Valley Megamall”. I went in and asked about again with the same old answer “the figure you ordered have not arrive yet to our shops” he even continue to elaborate & explain to me that “Japan did not release it in the market yet”. Ostensibly, I was stunned for awhile in aghast because of how these guys do business and able to open wide their eyeballs to lie.

On the other hand, other bloggers have received their share of Mio nendo in this month while I’m still empty handed and left in despair. I think I better register my debit visa card A.S.A.P. to purchase online to avoid slow delivery. I will be saying farewell to XL-shop after I acquire Mio and online shopping here I come!

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