It’s Not Hard To Differentiate Between Avatars

Recently, there is an misunderstanding about the term use “Avatar” on advertisement boards around. One of them is ” Avatar ” which is a new movie that will be in cinema this month directed by James Cameron where the story revolve around a group of human being trying to take over a distant planet. When they meet with the indigenous people a spark of battle emerge between parties and all hell break lose.

I’m going to catch this movie this month!

On the other hand…

Another would be the ” Avatar – The Last Airbender ” started out as an American cartoon with hired artists in Korea & Japan to help develop the animation and now have become a movie. The plot is set in an alternative world different from our whereby a selected few are able to use special skill to bend nature at will. One of the most powerful of all is what they call “Avatar” since he is the only one who is capable to master all the elements. As it continue Fire Nation play the bad guy trying hard to wipe out other nations to gain power.

It’s sad that it ended in book 3 T_T

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