Storm Trooper Spotted in Comic Fiesta 09

This was the second day of comic fiesta 09 and I quickly spotted a storm trooper wearing an arm band that resemble that of Danny Choo had. At first sight, I thought it was Danny Choo himself then suddenly realize that there was a guy who also dress like Danny did in Comic Fiesta 08.

Danny Choo fan based have certainly grew worldwide and league of fans are trying hard to copy him. Can’t wait for Comic Fiesta 2010!

There was actually 2 troopers there but I did not manage get a clear shot of the other due to my useless digital camera which tend be to hard to use when in dim lighted area. I would not recommend Sony DSC – T10 to anyone unless you take a lots of photos in clear lighted room or environment as it give me bad images although it did try hard to set the almost perfect settings for it.

3 thoughts on “Storm Trooper Spotted in Comic Fiesta 09

  1. during day 1 i saw him at the figurine mall booth where he was promoting his otakool book… but i failed to recognize him…. or else i would have gotten his autograph…

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