Comic Fiesta 2009 Cosplay

Sorry! For the delay of the pictures of Comic Fiesta 09 Day 2 as I was quite busy with my daily schedule that I set for myself. As you can see here I have selected some of the pictures for this post because its hectic to put so many pictures onto one post without proper plugins due to the fact that I’m using and not a self hosted blog.

I’m kinda tired right now so I will let the pictures do the talking for me as they always say it “A picture worth a thousand words”. If you want to see the full set please click here.

[I can’t see anyone holding up “Free hugs” sign nowadays. Is it because the spread of the pandemic?]

[A cute neko! I want to bring her home but I can’t T_T]

[You heard the guy…  you may be able to save some money from buying extra tissues]

[Gonna love gothic lolita outfit!]

[All the Disney princess were here on comic fiesta 09]

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