Avatar Is An Amazing Piece of Work!

I must says that Avatar is an amazing piece of animation versus live action mixed well together to tell a tale that really suck me right into it for the whole 2 hours and a half. Movie goer that had watched the movie encourage others such as myself to watch the 3D version of the film while leaving the usual 2D film alone. So, I took the advice and I’m really happy about it because I felt like I’m on Pandora.

Some even go to the length that it is one of the best this year and I gladly comply with them due to its spectacular storytelling, animation and characters. After some googling I found out the movie script was 16 years in delay since the 1990s then in 2006 Cameron start to rewrite the script along the way that created a new culture for Na’vi & language for them.

I am in lost of words when I want to describe it but scared that I let out unneeded spoilers to those who have not watch. My advice is just let your mind go blank then the movie will automatically bring you into the fantastic world of Pandora. Part of the concept in the movie remind me “Final Fantasy – The Spirit Within” the animation of year 2001 which introduce “Gaia” the essence of life.

James Cameron did mention that if this movie is successful enough he will make another 2 sequels to it. I dare you not to miss this movie as it will completely blow your mind!!

For those who want to know the 3D ticket pricing of Golden Screen Cinema in Malaysia.

Pavilion – RM 19 per person

Midvalley Megamall – RM 18 per person

4 thoughts on “Avatar Is An Amazing Piece of Work!

  1. Off-topic: Your site is syndicated twice on animenano.com. Might want to fix that.

    Just lookin’ out for fellow bloggers. There seems to be a glut of minor errors lately that would only hurt blog traffic and/or reputation.

    Happy New Years in advance to ya.

    • Oh my! I thought they fixed that. I have change my RSS settings to my current feeds and I thought they have helped me change my old feed into the new one on animenano. I guess they just created another.

      Thanks for looking out for me! 😀 Appreciate your help!

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