Christmas in Malaysia

Christmas in Malaysia is just another holidays for the working class to take a day off to have fun with their family. It is believe that the 25th of December of each year will be the day of the birth of Jesus. I always wonder how does the big fat guy AKA Santa Claus come into the picture of this special day? 

To me It’s just another chance to cash in from people while its the festive season people will tend to be busy buying and traveling all around. The holiday have truly fast becoming an international holiday and a superficial one. Christmas decorations are setup to attract the usual crowd and thought it was something special. It’s more about business rather than a religious event.

Christmas in Malaysia is definitely a national holiday but if you live in Japan it is not the case there as it will be just another working day while an increasing number of Japanese start to celebrate it over the year and exchanging gifts with each others.

Frankly, for me Christmas is just another day 😀 although my mom like to setup the Christmas tree at our living room but it will be dismantle the next day after its over.

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