Looking Back at 2009

2009 was a normal year for me maybe because I did not have much goals on my list to follow or work with. Although it’s an important year as it is my last year in secondary school and I’m happily defeated the evil overlord of SPM. The result is still in process until next year March it will be release to the students.

1] TommyAnimeZone.com

It is my first time ever to purchase a domain name and host on my friend server for free without a dime. I started out to share what I found on the net and what I know to others. Heck! I was having fun exploring the potential of a blog and how it was connected to the ever changing web of tomorrow. I even dabble into the e-business modal trying my luck to earn some pocket money but It never really took off as I still need more studies on it.

2] Study hard play harder

I know very clearly that I do not want a resit on a particular paper of mine if I fail “BM” ( Bahasa Malaysia ) I will be standing beside my school hall and kiss my ass goodbye to my SPM result slip. It’s really a serious case because even if you get all A’s on other subjects and gracefully failed your BM then it’s all over. A resit is not recommended! I do admit that I suck at BM. I did however do a lots of revisions and studying but I’m even more aggressive on playing video games and having a strong online presence. I guess the saying is true after all.

3] A trip to the heaven

A couple of friends of mine wanted to go Genting Highland so as usual I tag along to see how the trip will be like and never really been to a trip with friends before. It was fun and all until the second day I felt bored because I find nothing of my interest there. From my observation the place only attract children and the old folks who are greedy enough to bring all their life saving to gamble away like no tomorrow. I never understand why my friend to an extend bring his PS 2 and played it all day long in the hotel. You may have guessed that I the exploring type that seek adventure and exploration. Overall, I would not advice anyone to go Genting Highland unless it’s your first time.

4] The fall of TAZ.com

TommyAnimeZone.com have been wiped off from the surface of the earth due to an attempt by a hacker to destroy all the hard drive on the server where I’m hosting. It happened around September when I discovered that I cannot access my blog anymore so my friend confirm with me that there have been an intrusion on the servers. The lesson I learn here is do not host on a friend server and do daily backup.

5] The rise of the magnificent Shockerz

After the fall of TAZ.com I move onward to wordpress.com to rebuild my empire once again. To be honest I really hate the restrictions it have. My blog on wordpress.com is just temporary and not forever because I’m going to buy a new hosting server after I receive my debit visa card. Woohoo!~ Suffice to say WordPress is an ideal CMS ( Content Management System ) that can be used easily and the best part are developers worldwide keep on improving the quality of wordpress.

6] Waiting game

I consider my last examination “SPM” as a waiting game and sad to say it took a month to finish the whole damn thing. For those who are sitting for SPM next year do not worry about the questions. If you do your regular studies and revisions you’ll surely get an A’s on all your subjects but remember do not slack off!

7] Drive – A – Thon

Learning to drive is a new experience to me and still on the process of learning to navigate the vehicle. I do have some tips on how to drive and what to expect when testing. Those will be on other post if I get the time I’ll write it.

8] The language!

Writing Hiragana & Katakana was fun to learn the writing style of it. Here’s a tip – If you want to learn Japanese first and foremost thing you must master are Hiragana & Katakana. Without it I’ll bet you’ll not under a single word because they act as A, B, C to create a certain word.

I’m currently brushing up English to improve it and become my first language. The sub-standard English language taught in school was atrocious! I have no idea why they keep promoting its English paper nickname 1117 as a hard paper. What I’m scare of now are my friends who do not understand what it means when I throw out a “BIG” (consider by them as it) word at him. When conversing I’ve always try to keep the vocabulary to a minimum so everything will go smoothly without embarrassment.

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