K-On Season 2 Confirm!

Finally, the day have arrived that the annunciation of a famous moe-blob anime K-On will be in production for season 2. I just can’t get enough of it sometimes I even re-watch a few episodes until a new release.

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It Always End. What Will Next Year Be Like?

Personally, there aren’t much quality anime flying around these days and some of it just fit the bill on the watchable list only. The end of this year is approaching fast so we will need to say farewell again to welcome another year of great anime to come. Ostensibly, some are disappointing but there are still some are at most entertaining to watch.

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Mukyaa! Nodame is Back in 3rd Season

Our fun loving & cheerful Nodame is back with more of her crazy antics in the third installment that will begin airing at 14 of January next month. I have been waiting and still waiting for this because in season 1 and season 2 of Nodame Cantabile it always have the magic to make me want to watch the next episode I even go the extra length to complex its Tv drama. The combination of light romance, musics, and comedy really make it worth while.
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K-On DX Plushes Due Next Year March

I don’t really see big size anime plushes on sale often and I think this is the biggest I know with a height of 21cm. Well, K-On fans will have a great time with their beloved characters of the successful moe-blob anime when these 2 DX plushes release next year around March.

Though pre-order have yet to open until the end of this month and the dolls are limited.

Click here for YUI

Click here for Azusa

Maybe I will be grabbing Yui home.