Comic Fiesta 2009 Cosplay

Sorry! For the delay of the pictures of Comic Fiesta 09 Day 2 as I was quite busy with my daily schedule that I set for myself. As you can see here I have selected some of the pictures for this post because its hectic to put so many pictures onto one post without proper plugins due to the fact that I’m using and not a self hosted blog.

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Storm Trooper Spotted in Comic Fiesta 09

This was the second day of comic fiesta 09 and I quickly spotted a storm trooper wearing an arm band that resemble that of Danny Choo had. At first sight, I thought it was Danny Choo himself then suddenly realize that there was a guy who also dress like Danny did in Comic Fiesta 08.

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The Best Ever Rei & Asuka Cosplay in Otakon 2009

This is perhaps one of the best made cosplay plug suit I ever seen with fitting cosplayer who look alike with it’s anime counterpart. I don’t want to look like I praise them too much but the details to their outfit are superior. I wonder how much effort and time have been in the making of it.

Others cosplay can be view in this pool of photos here.