Streamyx It’s Laughable as Usual


I bet you have seen the recent advertisement about the new service of P1 Wimax in Malaysia with their famous tag line “Sudah Potong?” with its bombardment of ads Streamyx also is not losing out as it have jump aboard the bandwagon of promoting their own services too. I’m not joking as the frequency of Streamyx ads have been popping out everywhere.

Despite the promotion effort to trick more wandering soul that are confuse which provider to choose from. Streamyx don’t quite understand that their service.. umm.. how should I put it? “It’s outrageously pathetic!“. Sorry if anyone are offended by this notion although it’s inflammatory.


As a user of Streamyx I have constantly suffer lags and slowness with the current package I’m using which is a 1MB of connection. After the division of 8 I should theoretically get my download speed of 125 kbps of download speeds but this clearly is not the case for me as it can “range” from 20 to 110 kbps only. The latency can get as high as 999 sometimes as a result slowness occurred.


This is a recent test I run since my speed have yet gone to a new low. The connection from Streamyx is like a having moon swing very once a month and is no different from a growing young teenage girl. Well, this is just a rant from me that I needed to write on to release the grudge I’m holding.


Re-inventing Creativity & Fun

A group of people who are now re-inventing the way to throw rubbish and walking the staircase in a fun way. This is a project initiated by Volkswagen and is named – The Fun Theory – as it was fun to perform the action and an increase behavior changes due to what they did. The videos below show that an increase in public uses after they do their magic on them. It would be fun if they implement it everywhere in the world.

The world’s deepest bin

Piano stairs

Empty bottle arcade ( Coming soon )

Their website is

Giant Squid Appear in Downtown


No, there is no giant squid terrorizing anyone or in any places. I just wanted to say that I just joined Squidoo and it’s a great place to share interests with other on the net.

What Squidoo really do is they provide the platform for the writer or as they call it lensemaster and you can create webpage (lens)  then you can start to write whatever you like to your heart content. It’s basically a ready made webpage with easy settings, top ranked search, tons of traffics and the best part is you can earn money by writing what you like as the profit will be 50-50 or you can donate it to charity if you want.

The guy behind the brainchild of Squidoo is the famously known marketer Seth Godin who is one of my favorite as he is the best in the game. He also had appear in TED to give talks on the current culture of the internet.

With that kind of offer I consider it a Win-Win-Win solution as they can earn and we as writer using their site also earn a profit from it. What not to like about their service? I have started to create my very first lens which entitle ” Top 11 Must Watch Anime This Fall of 2009 ” have all the must watch anime this fall of 2009. Check out the list as they are personally picked by myself.

Sign Up now to Squidoo!

One question~

Pimp My Broadband ~ Pretty Please?


The picture

The emotion from the cat face symbolize the frustration that users get when disconnection, traffics lag and connection problem occur in other words we literally scream at our computer because of the poor connection from our ISP (Internet Service Provider). As I quoted above “Life is too short for the wrong broadband provider” so choose wisely and know who is providing a better service.

I think Digi will be able to provide better speed and stability than other ISP in our beloved country – Malaysia.

What I think

As a heavy internet user and form 5 student that is going to sit for SPM this year I always come against bad broadband connection from my current provider as in this case it’s the infamous ISP in Malaysia “Streamyx” A.K.A “Screamyx”. Just last week my whole broadband connection have been shaken to its core with plenty of disconnection, traffics lags and it’s hard to even to open to a freaking simple webpage. It’s not my first time to encounter problems from them and will not be the last.

These kind of problems have been around for ages but the technical team do nothing to solve their problems or even upgrade their machines to let their customer enjoy for what they paid for — a simple broadband connection.

I use the internet as a medium for me to do my homework, research on projects and subjects. What really add fuel to the fire is the slowness of these provider that make me lost plenty of valuable time to wait for a webpage to load or downloading a trial exam SPM paper to do. I really can’t take no more of this crap in my life but I believe Digi can change this and provide me for what I needed most ~ Speed! ~.

I always feel jealous and envy when I heard other country like Japan, Germany, USA, France, UK have lighting speed connection while I’m here having a lousy 1 MB connection and what worst is it won’t even connect at times. I just can’t believe that our so call great ISP provider can be ripping their customer off.

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