WAaI! boys in skirts Magazine Due Next Spring

In the latest Comiket 77 short for comic market the maker Ichijinsha has announced that they’re starting a new manga magazine which feature young male dress up in girl clothings. In other words “TRAPS”!

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Top 5 Books To Understand More About Otaku

Christmas is just around the corner while Santa is planning on how to break into houses without setting off the alarm and security mechanisms. You wouldn’t like to see Santa in Swiss cheese state because it would not be a good site for little children. Below are top 6 books that you can buy to improve yourself of Otaku knowledge or gain an in depth inside of the subculture.

If you are wandering what’s the term means and would like to know more you certainly must purchase the book to have a good read while it’s still holidays and maybe broaden your perspective into the ever changing world of Japanese pop cultures.

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Top 10 Reasons Why 2D wife > 3D Wife

By searching around the otakusphere it yield some exciting findings about women in the current age and how they treat their boy friend or husband alike when they got vexed and void from attention of their beloved just by a little. Women have become more and more assertive than ever or it is the opposite? That’s why we have a new age of men arrive to conquer them.

Below are my top 10 reason why 2D > 3D

1] Faithful as ever

2] Never complain

3] No need to feed her

4] No need to pay for her expenses

5] No worries when creating a harem for yourself

6] She would not beat you up

7] Your every wish is her command

8] She will not destroy your PS 3 nor X-box 360

9] You can make her do what you want

10] Never aged

Because of this some men even tried to marry a 2D character recently.

Top 10 Breathtaking Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo is sure one of most spectacular places to live your life and have a blast doing it along the way. Although the city can expensive to live but overall it is worth the price and risk to live and work there. Most of the latest in technological advancement are from Japan with it’s eccentric cultures and fun loving people.

Below are 10 breathtaking Tokyo Skyline I found on the web and wanted to share it but I’m still finding good one to improve on this post. Anyone have an amazing picture of Tokyo?

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Angela Aki

I just want to say that I’m still alive & living out loud but the days of my final exam are getting nearer and nearer for each passing moment.

Just wanted to share with you a great artist “Angela Aki” sadly she is not known from the public ears. She a singer, songwriter and a talented pianist who are currently residing in Japan aside that her mum is an Italian-American. The pure genius of her song are that it give a kind of warm feeling and the listener a feel good sensation. Long story short her vocal is beautiful!~

Angela Aki – Tegami

It’s an emotional song as it is so empowering and forces us to push forward in life. I think if you read the lyrics it will help you understand the song.

Lyrics : Here

Angela Aki – Home

Lyrics : Noting here