Looking Back at 2009

2009 was a normal year for me maybe because I did not have much goals on my list to follow or work with. Although it’s an important year as it is my last year in secondary school and I’m happily defeated the evil overlord of SPM. The result is still in process until next year March it will be release to the students.

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What Majors Are Right For You?

It is not a fun task to do tons of research that is needed in order to find a suitable college or university for my further studies. Been up late these days to read on forums, reading blogs concerning on which institute to study, asking around and deciding on which college or university I will benefit from or the advantages If I entered.

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The End Have Just Begun

I’m truly happy about the ends of my secondary public examination nickname S.P.M. who put fear to any secondary school students that will be doing the exam but to me the standard have hit a new low where candidates will only need to answer simple questions within the papers and have become incomparable with other countries. Not to say that is bad but it’s atrocious at least to my standard.

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Top 10 Reasons Why 2D wife > 3D Wife

By searching around the otakusphere it yield some exciting findings about women in the current age and how they treat their boy friend or husband alike when they got vexed and void from attention of their beloved just by a little. Women have become more and more assertive than ever or it is the opposite? That’s why we have a new age of men arrive to conquer them.

Below are my top 10 reason why 2D > 3D

1] Faithful as ever

2] Never complain

3] No need to feed her

4] No need to pay for her expenses

5] No worries when creating a harem for yourself

6] She would not beat you up

7] Your every wish is her command

8] She will not destroy your PS 3 nor X-box 360

9] You can make her do what you want

10] Never aged

Because of this some men even tried to marry a 2D character recently.

Whiny Reaction Of Student After Exam

Ever get the “OMG! That exam is so hard!” or “I’m gonna flunk big time” even “I shoot every questions in this paper. . . I’m very sure they will score” which is getting a little boring nowadays when student tend to make whiny and pompous statement after an examination to a group of students. It’s truly a sight of awe that so many even try to practice it when I don’t get it why the heck do they do it?

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The Passing Days of SPM

A few month back when I was quite anxious about the arrival of SPM and I vowed to exclude myself from internet activities sadly due to my activeness on the web I did not do so as I have stated.

As a matter of fact It pushes me to do double time the work from what I can achieve in a week. I guess with desires to pass SPM ( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ) and my usual routine to surf the web combine emotion have finally taken over me to strive for success. Maybe this is what they call a purpose? I’m still a mess with what I really want to be. I am as they says ” lost in the sea of thoughts “.

Well, I have 5 more subjects to test until I’m totally free from my SPM and in the mean time I’m doing some profile research on my idol “Danny Choo” along with Japanese subcultures related market research. It is weird for me to undergo these project when I’m having my final? Because SPM should be more important. On contrary, the standard of SPM is so low that I can easily pass it while I still see other having chill down their spill when they heard the 3 big letter S.P.M.