I Have Moved

Guys and girls I have move to a new domain with a web hosting attach to it. Everything have been transfer there as of this post there will be no new updates on this blog in shockerz.wordpress.com.

The new domain is


I should post this earlier but due to me forgetfulness and after launching I was roaming around my city to find a part time or even full time to earn some pocket money until college start this year May.


WAaI! boys in skirts Magazine Due Next Spring

In the latest Comiket 77 short for comic market the maker Ichijinsha has announced that they’re starting a new manga magazine which feature young male dress up in girl clothings. In other words “TRAPS”!

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Avatar Is An Amazing Piece of Work!

I must says that Avatar is an amazing piece of animation versus live action mixed well together to tell a tale that really suck me right into it for the whole 2 hours and a half. Movie goer that had watched the movie encourage others such as myself to watch the 3D version of the film while leaving the usual 2D film alone. So, I took the advice and I’m really happy about it because I felt like I’m on Pandora.

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Mukyaa! Nodame is Back in 3rd Season

Our fun loving & cheerful Nodame is back with more of her crazy antics in the third installment that will begin airing at 14 of January next month. I have been waiting and still waiting for this because in season 1 and season 2 of Nodame Cantabile it always have the magic to make me want to watch the next episode I even go the extra length to complex its Tv drama. The combination of light romance, musics, and comedy really make it worth while.
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