Christmas in Malaysia

Christmas in Malaysia is just another holidays for the working class to take a day off to have fun with their family. It is believe that the 25th of December of each year will be the day of the birth of Jesus. I always wonder how does the big fat guy AKA Santa Claus come into the picture of this special day?  Continue reading


Avatar Is An Amazing Piece of Work!

I must says that Avatar is an amazing piece of animation versus live action mixed well together to tell a tale that really suck me right into it for the whole 2 hours and a half. Movie goer that had watched the movie encourage others such as myself to watch the 3D version of the film while leaving the usual 2D film alone. So, I took the advice and I’m really happy about it because I felt like I’m on Pandora.

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It’s Not Hard To Differentiate Between Avatars

Recently, there is an misunderstanding about the term use “Avatar” on advertisement boards around. One of them is ” Avatar ” which is a new movie that will be in cinema this month directed by James Cameron where the story revolve around a group of human being trying to take over a distant planet. When they meet with the indigenous people a spark of battle emerge between parties and all hell break lose.

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Whiny Reaction Of Student After Exam

Ever get the “OMG! That exam is so hard!” or “I’m gonna flunk big time” even “I shoot every questions in this paper. . . I’m very sure they will score” which is getting a little boring nowadays when student tend to make whiny and pompous statement after an examination to a group of students. It’s truly a sight of awe that so many even try to practice it when I don’t get it why the heck do they do it?

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The Passing Days of SPM

A few month back when I was quite anxious about the arrival of SPM and I vowed to exclude myself from internet activities sadly due to my activeness on the web I did not do so as I have stated.

As a matter of fact It pushes me to do double time the work from what I can achieve in a week. I guess with desires to pass SPM ( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ) and my usual routine to surf the web combine emotion have finally taken over me to strive for success. Maybe this is what they call a purpose? I’m still a mess with what I really want to be. I am as they says ” lost in the sea of thoughts “.

Well, I have 5 more subjects to test until I’m totally free from my SPM and in the mean time I’m doing some profile research on my idol “Danny Choo” along with Japanese subcultures related market research. It is weird for me to undergo these project when I’m having my final? Because SPM should be more important. On contrary, the standard of SPM is so low that I can easily pass it while I still see other having chill down their spill when they heard the 3 big letter S.P.M.

Reinventing History

Dangerous Loli

As I was studying history for the whole damn day I find it hard to concentrate and memorize certain important facts from my history textbook. It’s just too boring and old unless they are able to spice it up with vivid visual and striking audio that are able to capture the reader eyes in just moments I’m sure it would be a big hit in any school.

If I have a choice to choose which part of history I will certainly choose the European history, US history, age of Renaissance, the age of enlightenment, world war 1, world war 2, and Vietnam war. These are certainly more exciting history than any Islamic migration and Malaysia history.



Why can’t the government make history into exciting documentaries? For starter “History Channel” or “PBS” done a hell of a job for presenting history in video format. I always like to tune into history channel to get my daily dose of history when new documentary arises or I will just torrent them. Speaking of which I’m currently downloading “The Medici Godfathers of the Renaissance” from PBS.

When history is presented in a visual and audio way our brains actually absorbs about 70% than plain reading. This is why current educational system fail because they are not able to adapt to the latest technology as a mean of distributing knowledge in a fun way. Come on! This is not the 60’s, 70’s nor 90’s anymore we need to change into a technological society if we even think to become a first country.



I just don’t get the school rules and the teachers where they are still imposing that student cannot bring any electronics to school (Cellphone, camera, laptop, pager, iPod) since most of today’s student can be label as digital learner why do so many teachers still refuse to enter the digital age with their teaching practices? Although I can see few use the internet to teach but it weight next to none in where I’m currently residing.

2012 The Movie. It Was Epic!

Just got back from the 2012 Movie from my local movie center. I think 2012 is one of the greatest movie in 2009 would you say not? It does give its viewer a good blend of action, suspense, emotion, thriller, comedy, romance, tons of fantastic effects and so forth. I was captured  by it for the whole 2 and a half hours long movie but it was worth it. I tend to like these end of the world scenario and disastrous movie nowadays.

Battleship[This is the closes I can get]

Anyone who have played Warhammer 40k or Halo series will like the futuristic ark designs which at first sight they look like space battleship ready and armed to go for a galactic war. Considering the ark was made in China the quality of the ark is quite well made and when it hit it can receive a big blow.  [Yes, Tibet is under China control but they like to call them self independent.]

There are two things I dislike how people acted in the movie. The first and forth most is “Praying” yes they are scenes where people start to go out to pray that this all disaster will just magically go away. Rather than wasting time praying why don’t they just do what they want at their last moment of life or even better they can try to think of a way to save them self.


Second would be the spread of false information from the little box that show image and audio at the corner of our house. Yes! It’s the TV. People within the movie have been consuming false information at the beginning where there are a cataclysm event that are taking place. It’s not a rare scene as in our daily life we also have been treated the same way as the citizen do inside the movie.

I heard there will be a TV series coming out next year concentrating of the aftermath of the human race. Is it worth it? Will see soon enough.