Dear My Friend by ELISA

Every times I listen to it the music somehow drag me into the wonderful world of Jpop and can’t really stop myself from playing and replaying the whole music again. Somehow, it have become an indulgent to exemplify its like I’m on drug. Well, literally…

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Christmas in Malaysia

Christmas in Malaysia is just another holidays for the working class to take a day off to have fun with their family. It is believe that the 25th of December of each year will be the day of the birth of Jesus. I always wonder how does the big fat guy AKA Santa Claus come into the picture of this special day?  Continue reading

Avatar Is An Amazing Piece of Work!

I must says that Avatar is an amazing piece of animation versus live action mixed well together to tell a tale that really suck me right into it for the whole 2 hours and a half. Movie goer that had watched the movie encourage others such as myself to watch the 3D version of the film while leaving the usual 2D film alone. So, I took the advice and I’m really happy about it because I felt like I’m on Pandora.

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